About Us

We help customers with world class service & innovative technology


We have been working in the field of wall drying for 15 years. We have over 5 years of experience in the field of nanotechnology. We have found the best experts and specialists in the field of wall drying, as well as the top specialists in the field of nanotechnology. And in close cooperation with those experts, we have created our RENODRY brand, a brand that combines the strengths of all these products and experts.


We offer you an overall concept, with a range of different products to solve completely and once and for all the problems you have with rising ground moisture in your home.

We have experts for you who are familiar with the subject and can advise you in the best possible way. And we have well-trained technicians who carry out the work and installations.

We take measurements after installation and support you until your house is dehumidified.


We want even more satisfied customers whose problems have been solved with our technologies. Technologies that are very advanced and at the same time environmentally friendly and non-invasive.