Protect your home efficiently with RENODRY

RENODRY provides an overall plan and a range of different products to completely solve the rising damp problem.

We offer an overall plan that utilizes a range of different products to completely solve the rising damp problem that plagues properties. We can advise in the best possible course of actions. Our technicians are well-trained to carry out the work and installation. We also take measurements during the installation phase and we are with our clients every step of the way until the property is dehumidified.



Our specialists assess your property for Rising Damp. They will take measurements and provide you with a detailed report. According to their findings our expert will provide recommendations for your specific moisture problems.


Our RENODRY® wall drying devices permanently handle Rising Damp in your property and ensures that this moisture problem doesn’t come back again. The use of the innovative RENODRY® Technology is non-invasive and a cost effective method.

Dehumidifying Plaster


With our special dehumidifying plaster aerodurit® it is possible in most cases to restore exterior earth-contacting walls with penetrating moisture. This eliminates the need for costly additional measures such as digging up the sides, sealing work, etc.



Our Nanotechnology Products protect your property from driving rain and splash water. They are breathable and ensures your walls can exhale. Moss-covered facades, permeable joints – all this is a thing of the past with our Nanotechnology Products.

Mould remove


Mould is unfortunately a common problem in our time. Condensation moisture, incorrect ventilation, etc. can quickly lead to mould. Therefore, we have Keeper antimould – a product that makes your mould disappear. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Wall colours for indoors and outdoors


We have various high-quality wall paints in our assortment. What all our colours have in common is that they are breathable. They are perfectly matched to our plasters, so that the open porosity of the plasters is not restricted, and the performance of the dehumidifying plasters does not decrease.